Gilbert Arenas Explains Why He’s Evicting His Ex-Fianceé Laura Govan


Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas is still collecting huge checks from the NBA. Throughout the latter part of his career we heard a lot about Gil’s life away from the game, especially his relationship with the mother of his four children, reality TV star Laura Govan.

Gilbert took to Instagram Wednesday night to explain that not only is he NOT the deadbeat dad he’s sometimes made out to be, he’s actually trying to make up for the lack of parenting skills. Gilbert served Laura with an eviction notice over Labor day weekend. He explained why he’s evicting his ex-fianceé:



I always read about what kind of dad I am but I’ve never posted about it so who’s telling yall??let me guess the mother RIGHT im a Deadbeat??…well here yall go…I get my kids every #weds #everyotherweekend #jointcustody #nonannyAllme #cook #nomaid…I set up their college funds..each child has over 300k towards college..also they have their own personal bank accounts,I put 10k each bday…I get 20k a month for person spending I put 2k in each account like clockwork EVERY MONTH leaving me with 12k…I also pay for their private schooling,meals,clothes, cars..I personally cover every aspect of my kids life….NOW the victim…she gets 20k a month but if u read what I do then ask urself what does she do with 20k…she has to feed the kids at home, pay for gas to get them to school and pay her phone bill andddddddd that’s it….that’s all she’s responsible for in our kids lives….she gets 20k to buy her self clothes for #IG for u fucks to hit the like button…..I wasn’t gonna leave my kids future in her hands…she has 2 million dollar closet but my kids look like their bums half the damn time they get posted and I’m the #Deadbeat….if I’m a #deadbeat and a bad father WHAT the fuck are the rest of the fathers called??? Yall can call me what u want but i bet yall want me as ur baby daddy smdh


On Thursday Gilbert added that he has a restraining order against Laura because he feels she will try to fabricate a domestic violence claim to get full custody of their children. That Laura is “Hollywood” and seeking attention, and that she sends blogs false in an effort to paint him as unfit.


g.i.l.b.e.r.t.a.r.e.n.a.s FACTS…I’ll set the record str8..last 3 years of My relationship with #LauraThevictim 2012 I came to back to LA I stayed with my pops,she lived in an apt we were together less then 50 days all of 2012….2013 I stayed in a hotel or my own apartment 267 days.. I was with her long enough to throw her a bday party and get Xmas gifts lmaoo….2014..I was in my house 1 day in June,no days in july,14 days in August,,no days in sept,no days in oct, no days in November but spent thankgiving with her and her parents in oakland.. lived with her parents until December 23rd,came back to celebrate my daughters bday on #dec24th which 20 members of her family came for xmas and the owner of the house was sleeping OUTSIDE in a van like a dog….I bought xmas gifts for everyone and DIDNT get shit but as long as everyone else was happy I’m happy…had a long convo with HER family members one night”” I thought it was u this whole time from what she says about u..,u deserve better,u created a monster who thinks she’s better then u and doesnt need u..shes just an attention seeker,she’s out 5 times a week trying to be seen and ur home with the kids..Hollywood has done a number on her..she needs a reality check..ur kids need u more then u know,ur staying with her for ur kids but if ur unhappy they will be also, leave her and fight for ur kids and create a positive household”… jan1st I woke up and just walked out and fought for custody..being a single father with no help is hard but it’s harder when the mother does everything in her power to make u look like a #monkey so she can get #full custody of the kids just for MORE MONEY…she sends vids and emails to blogs so they can post about me So everyone can feel sorry for her….I have a retraining order on her,shes not allowed to call,text,email me,talk about me or come near me..I have this becuz I’m afraid if I’m not Near a camera she will pull a domestic violence move to get full custody..since I’ve gotten joint custody my life has been a living hell..,my car has been stolen,keyed,apt broken into,fake domestic violence claim, 3 emails to blogs to blast me..THIS is my life #inreallife #mylifeiscraycray #imnovictimjustwannabeadad

That last post was likely in response to a rumor dropped on Baller Alert that claims Gilbert is the father of Lindsey Faulk’s new daughter. Faulk is the ex-wife of former NFL star Marshall Faulk.