Friday Flashback: Kevin Garnett Stepped To Janet Jackson In 1998

Maybe it’s just me, but I love hearing little interesting or random stories from days gone by. Especially when they involve some of my favorite topics. Which leads us to a different type of Friday Flashback:

Back in the day Mega superstar Janet Jackson used to spend a lot of time in Minnesota where her production team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are from. Jimmy and Terry are also tight with former Minnesota Timberwolf Kevin Garnett (as a matter of fact, Kevin and Jimmy are brother in laws as Garnett is married to Jimmy’s wife’s sister, Brandi)

In 1998, when Janet was on tour for the Velvet Rope album, she would bring a guy on stage while she was performing “Rope Burn”. This particular time, it was Kevin Garnett and I guess KG enjoyed the experience so much, he tried his luck with Ms. Jackson…

I’m assuming she turned him down. But she never said for sure. :giggle: He had to try though. I’m so not mad at him!

Curtsy to Star Tribune