Barry Bonds, Ron Artest & Charles Barkley To Confront Their “Haters”

Sports fans are the most passionate group one can come across. Especially when it comes to the teams and players they HATE! But what would happen if one of these rabid fans got the opportunity to confront the object of their Vitriol? That’s what the reality show H8R is about. The show will offer polarizing athletes, TV stars and other newsmakers a chance to face off against their “haters” to try to convince them they aren’t that bad.

One of the most anticipate episodes will be the one that features MLB legend, Barry Bonds (as to whether or not that legend should be switched out for infamous, that’s up for debate.) Bonds was convicted of obstruction in April.

The show premieres next month on the CW network. Other jocks scheduled to appear; NBA star Ron Artest, NBA Hall of famer, Charles Barkley and football player Terrell Owens.

This show reminds me of an episode of Entourage that featured Patriots QB Tom Brady. Remember the scene on Entourage when Turtle got the chance to meet Tom Brady and planned to tell him to his face that he sucks?

That’s how I can see a bunch of these situations ending. Then again, Cleveland still hasn’t moved on from LeBron and “The Decision”… I think I’m going to check this show out.


Curtsy to the New York Post