Former Redskins CB accused of beating up girlfriend over empty condom box [photos]

Former Washington Redskins’ corner back Fred Smoot is in trouble with the law. Once again domestic violence accusations are being aimed at a former professional athlete. Smoot’s girlfriend, 31-year-old Valerie Jackson said that she found a used pack of condoms and Viagra pills in Smoot’s truck.

She confronted him about it and things escalated from there.


the nerve…just found in my boyfriends truck…1 empty pack of condoms 1 have used pack of condoms…five sheets of generic Viagra 20 pills are used o yea and just found out he has a baby on the way must have forgotten the condom that night…I DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN NEXT I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU FRED SMOOT!!!!!

She followed that post with multiple posts of alleged injuries caused by Smoot dating back to August of this year.

Valerie had injuries to her shoulders and neck as well as cuts to her lips and arms. She also posted a restraining order from November 23 after Smoot allegedly broke down a door to attack her. He was arrested and has since been released on $2,500 bond.





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