Devon Still’s daughter’s mom wants the NFL to make him pay child support


You know if attorney Gloria Allred is involved, sh*t is about to get real. One of the feel good stories of this NFL season has been the courageous battle of four-year-old Leah Still. Leah’s father, Devon was a fringe player with the Cincinnati Bengals. The team was all set to wave Still after missing much of training camp to deal with Lean’s illness, but kept him on the practice squad so he could keep his medical benefits to help his daughter’s treatment.


Still became a movement as people both in the league and outside made contributions for his daughter’s care and therapy. Absent during much of this was Leah’s mother, Channing Smythe. According to the Daily Mail, Smythe is claiming that Still hasn’t paid child support since July, and now she’s hired Allred to take her case.

Allred has contacted the NFL to inquire if Still not paying his child support is a violation of the player Personal Conduct Policy.

“I don’t think it is fair that Devon Still, who is Leah’s father, has refused to pay any child support for her for the months of August, September, October and November of this year,” Smythe said in a declaration that accompanied the letter addressed to NFL vice president Jeffrey Pash.

Smythe claims she can’t work because of Leah’s treatment for neuroblastoma, a rare pediatric cancer. She also says they have been forced to stay with a friend and live off food stamps.




The two broke reportedly broke up in 2010, shortly after Leah’s birth. Channing is currently expecting a child by someone else.

Still is engaged to a woman named Asha.

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