Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s other daughter’s mother, Melissa Brim calls cops on the boxer

This may feel like deja vu. Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s daughter’s mother (not Josie Harris) called the police on September 9th stating that she was in a “verbal altercation” with Mayweather that ended with him taking some of her property.

Melissa Brim phoned police at 2 a.m.  on Sept. 9 at 10059 Baystone St., Officers went to the home, which is owned by a Mayweather company, PMG Sinclair LLC, and found no signs of physical violence, police spokeswoman Laura Meltzer said. A Mayweather associate later returned the victim’s possessions, and the victim declined to press charges.

It’s unclear if this will impact Mayweather’s probation stemming from his 90-day jail stint relating to an altercation with Josie Harris. As part of that probation, counselling and community service are mandatory.

Mayweather has had two past violent episodes with Brim.

The first came in February 2001 when during an argument he swung open a car door, hitting her jaw, pushed her into the car and punched her several times in the face and body, according to a lawsuit she later filed. After the “brutal and unprovoked attack,” Brim drove to a convenience store and called police, the lawsuit said.

Five months later, Brim was at the Boulevard Mall with her daughter when Mayweather asked whether his friend could hold the child. After the friend took the girl, Mayweather hit Brim in the neck, her lawsuit said. Mall security called the police, but Mayweather left before they arrived

Brim dropped the lawsuit in 2003.

Floyd needs a mediator.