Basketball Wives LA season 2 episode 2 recap [video]

Basketball Wives LA second season so far is a snooze. The majority of episode 2 was about Jackie apologizing to the ladies and after a series of well placed jokes at “wacky Jackie’s” expense, they begin to consider letting her back IN the circle…

Of course the real buzz comes from the newbies on the scene. First up, Draya and Brooke go from being “besties” to rivals quicker than a vixen drops her bikini top when the two end up on set for a “King” magazine cover.


Wait, “King” still puts out physical magazines? Second question, is there an embargo on the urban vixen game? I thought Instagram made them a non-factor?

We also got a peek at Brooke’s basketball boo, Vernon Macklin. It was ironic to listen to him talk about his plans for the upcoming season and working out in Detroit now that we know he didn’t even make it back to training camp. He’s playing in Turkey this season. I bet Brooke has already moved on.

Did someone forget to tell him the league isn’t high on this show? Did he learn nothing from those that came before him?  I’m sure that has nothing to do with why he won’t be with the Pistons this season.

And finally, we get to meet Bambi from Compton.

“I be saying sh*t about bi**hes and then see them like, Hey Boo” – Bambi

I see you BAMBI! Shimmer all over.


videos and photos via VH1