Favorite Moments From The Golden State Warriors Championship Parade


The Golden State Warriors brought the first NBA Championship to the Bay Area in over 40 years. The parade took place on Friday in downtown Oakland, and ended by Lake Merritt featuring not only your favorite Warriors and their families, but several “Town” legends as well.


The Mayor of Oakland Libby Shchaaf and MC Hammer were on a snail car that shot fire:

The Curry Fam was on hand with The Real MVP, Riley.

Draymond Green shared some champagne.

And then shared some more

You think he had mimosas on his bus? Marshawn Lynch rolled out with him, you can check that out plus Draymond’s champagne laced thoughts on the Cavs HERE

Marshawn shared a moment with Draymond’s mom

I can’t be the only one disappointed that Too Short and E40 weren’t in the parade also?