Evelyn Lozada Settles Antoine Walker Related Lawsuit


Evelyn Lozada can finally wipe her hands of the Antoine Walker era. Ev was hit with a lawsuit three years ago, when one of Walkers creditors accused her of fraud and sued her for allegedly hiding some of her ex-fiance’s money while he was filing for bankruptcy. The case claimed Lozada received a series of bank wires that totaled almost $700,000, and used that money to start her shoe boutique Dulce.

Per The Jasmine Brand, the suit has been settled:

According to docs, the former reality star and the trustee “engaged in extensive settlement negotiations” which ended in Evelyn agreeing to pay a total of 40k made in 4 monthly payments of 10k. She was scheduled to pay on Nov, Dec, Jan & the last payment was on Feb 1st.

Interested in reading the court docs? Go HERE