ESPN- The Body Issue

When I first heard ESPN was doing a “Body issue” I was expecting the usual. An issue with a bunch of aesthetically appealing athletes sharing their ridiculously impossible workout regimes while prettied up for the cameras with more of the same info we’ve seen recycled a million times over.

What it actually IS, is quite amazing. The body issue is stepping outside the box to look at the human form and how it relates to sports from a myriad of fresh perspectives. Here are a few of the features that are my personal favorites:

– Looking for the athletic gene. DNA sampling of a 100 NFL and other athletes to see if there is a commonality between athletic superiority and your biological make up.

– A glimpse into how video game Powerhouse EA uses the body to create the avatars in video games (you know those players in NBA Live make you feel like you’re courtside about to be run over by one of the players trying to save the pass) Side Note, the fact that I’m interested in this is BIG cause Jill doesn’t DO video games unless it’s Guitar Hero, Rock Band or something cute on the Wii!!

– An actual look at an ACL surgery.

– Athletes insuring body parts and another feature on athletes using their sex appeal and physicality to further their brand.

Of course it wouldn’t be a complete body issue if they left out the eye candy, so there will be plenty to choose from, both male and female including 6 different covers featuring 3 male and 3 female athletes. (Praying that [redacted] has a cover and that’s the one in mailbox when my copy arrives).
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A few physiques I’m trying to check out. Tennis Goddess Serena Williams, Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson & Track Star Lolo Jones. Those are just a few that will be featured and trust me when I say there’s something for EVERYBODY. The issue hits news stands on Friday, October 9th. Below is a list of some of the other athletes featured:

• Adam Nelson / TRACK & FIELD / SHOT PUT
• Alex Solis / JOCKEY
• Byamba / SUMO
• Carl Edwards / NASCAR
• Casey Hampton / NFL / STEELERS
• Claire Bevilacqua / SURFER
• D.C. United: Chris Pontius, Bryan Namoff, Clyde Simms, Jaime Moreno, Santino Quaranta, Ben Olsen / SOCCER / MLS
• Edmonton Oilers: Sheldon Souray, Ethan Moreau, Andrew Cogliano / NHL
• Gina Carano / MMA
• Ivan Rodriguez / MLB / RANGERS
• Jenn Stuczynski / TRACK & FIELD / POLE VAULT
• Johnny Weir / ICE SKATER
• Ken Schrader / NASCAR
• Kevin Robinson / BMX
• Kristi Leskinen / FREESTYLE SKIER
• Laird Hamilton / SURFER
• LPGA: Sandra Gal, Anna Grzebien, Christina Kim / GOLF
• Malliciah Goodman / COLLEGE FOOTBALL / CLEMSON
• Mark Martin / NASCAR
• Metal Mulisha: Todd Potter, Colin Morrison, Ronnie Faisst, Brian Deegan, Beau Manley, Nixey Danielson / MOTOCROSS
• Michelle Carter / TRACK & FIELD / SHOT PUT
• Natasha Kai / USA SOCCER
• Nelson Cruz / MLB / RANGERS
• Oguchi Onyewu / USA SOCCER
• Patrick Kerney / NFL / SEAHAWKS
• Poker: Daniel Negreanu, Scotty Nguyen, Jennifer Harman, Phil Hellmuth
• Randy Couture / MMA
• Ryan Guettler / BMX
• Ryan Lochte / SWIMMER
• Sarah Reinertsen / TRIATHLETE
• Shane Proctor / BULL RIDER
• Stephane Robidas / NHL / STARS
• Susan Francia / ROWER
• Torry Holt / NFL / JAGUARS
• USA Softball: Natasha Watley, Cat Osterman, Jessica Mendoza, Lauren Lappin
• Zdeno Chara / NHL / BRUINS