ESPN host Marcellus Wiley admits to “tricking” in his past [Video]

Marcellus Wiley is a former NFL All-Pro defensive end, and current ESPN host of SportsNation. Recently the Compton born, Ivy-League Hall-of-famer appeared on “Highly Questionable” where the topic turned to tricking being in the NFL. Marcellus had some interesting personal commentary to add to the conversation.

  • Marcellus admitted that he was a trick back in the day. He claimed that he listened to the advice of too many rappers, “it ain’t tricking if you got it.”


  • Marcellus was engaged 4 times – finally married last June. He let all the women keep the rings because he wasn’t petty.


  • He bought cars as well.


  • He even paid college tuition for one to the tune of $50K – she was smart, always get something tangible out of the deal.


  • But, he wasn’t just a trick for women. He also was providing the lifestyle too his “professional friends.”


One of Marcellus’s ex fiances is  former video vixen named Sasha Dindayal, she went on to marry one of his former teammates while he played with the Chargers, Antonio Gates. Yes Antonio and Marcellus were teammates when Marcellus was engaged to her.

There was also Jazmin Lopez, she was a host on MTV Tr3s.

Fat Tuesday At The 2010 ESPYs Presented by Hennessy Black


And his stint on Millionaire Matchmaker… Guess enough lessons make for a loving resolution!