Dwight Howard says Stan Van Gundy has apologized for the Pepsi-swigging press conference [video]

This season has been a nightmare for Dwight Howard. Stringing along the fans of the Orlando Magic, trade demands, retractions culminating with the Stan Van Gundy “diet-Pepsi-swigging” press conference. Dwight recently interviewed with ESPN’s Hannah Storm about all the controversy where he admitted that in past seasons, he has asked that Coach VanGundy be fired out of anger.

He also says that Van Gundy has apologized to him for kicking the flames back up with that now infamous press conference.

Hannah Storm: Have you said it in past seasons?

Dwight Howard: Have I said it before? Ahh . . . Being upset, yea, I’ve said it, you know, but I’ve always come back and said I’ll do a better job, I’ll take more of a hit, I’ll lead better, I’ll do everything I can to get better.

Hannah Storm: What did he say to you?

Dwight Howard: Um, well he felt like what he did was out of line. And like I told him, after everything that went down, whatever was said was said. That’s over and done with; from this day forward let’s try to be on the same page so we can lead our team.

I really hope that this isn’t shocking to anyone that’s paid attention to the team and Dwight’s leadership- or lack thereof- over the past year or so. Dwight has also said he wished he would’ve talked a little less. Something people- and by “people” I mean the media and fans”- have been hinting at all season.

I don’t know if he’s learned that lesson. On Friday, Dwight tweeted than deleted info about a party for a friend he was attending in Orlando. Problem with that is it came right after the Magic announced he’d be missing three games due to a bulging disk in his back and was headed to L.A. to see a specialist. The event was also being hosted by the Hawks, Josh Smith.

“Celebrating my boy @peeweekirkland bday tonight,” the tweet read. “I’ll see y’all there.”

I’m not one of those people that become shocked and appalled hearing that players have lives off the court. Nobody is working on their craft 24/7. But sometimes you have to use a bit of foresight and look at the current events surrounding your situation. Timing is everything. While the tweet might have been deleted, this is just another “thing” people will point to and say Howard’s full of sh*t.

I really don’t see how this whole situation works out with Howard staying on with the Magic longterm. Everyone needs a fresh start.

The complete version of this interview will air May 25th during the playoffs.