Basketball Wives Kenya Bell says she didn’t want to embarrass Evelyn Lozada on TV

Kenya Bell is an interesting character. She seems to be enjoying her role on this seasons Basketball Wives as the “crazy liar.” Kenya has frequently referred to herself as a serial killer on Twitter (embracing Twitter commentary and the her castmates reactions to some of her antics.) She also has no problem with giving interviews and expressing her thoughts about the other ladies. Her latest thoughts concern Evelyn- Kenya says she didn’t want to embarrass her on national TV- and whether or not she’s a “single-black-female” absorbing the other ladies swag.

Juicy: What was going through your mind when EVELYN threw that bottle at you during dinner?

KB: I’ve been professionally trained to fight thanks to my Dad.  I have no fear of any of  them and all of their bullying, negativity, and pure haterism. It’s sad that as women, they aren’t supporting my efforts to be independent as a woman and a mother, especially after I spent years helping my husband make it to the NBA and he’s chosen to ruin his life. [The cast] can talk all they want, as long as neither of them put their hands on me, they have nothing to fear.

What does being an independent woman or how she helped her husband have to do with this? I mean…

Juicy: The girls seem to think you’re jacking they’re style. What’s your response?

KB: In response to me “jacking” their style……I’ve been me since birth, and although I’m younger than most of them (oh wait I forgot, I’m 40 according to them!), ask those who know me the best, I haven’t changed. 

Juicy: What are your current thoughts on TAMI?

KB: I’m very surprised to see the footage of Tami talking bad about me behind my back. I still feel that she has a good heart, that’s why she stepped in between Evelyn and I.  Because of the supposed “stabbing” that my husband accused me of, I really didn’t want to have to hurt Evelyn on national television, so I appreciated that.  But as a fellow mother of two, it’s very disappointing that she was so mean and hurtful knowing she went through the same things I’m going through on the show.

Professionally trained…Ok… I guess Kenya is not going to be simply used as a punchline this season and dismissed. Does anybody care about Meeka Claxton anymore?

Random and totally unrelated, Kenya should work on her self portrait pose. The angle she takes holding her head back but looking down is supposed to give off a sexy vibe but just makes her look uncomfortable. :shrug: I’m here to help.


photos via Twitter