Drake Says He Intimidates Skylar Diggins Boyfriend


Drake is hosting the 2014 ESPYS next week. During a recent interview, he address his perceived “band wagon fan” status, moving to Cleveland and what he thinks about Skylar Diggin’s boyfriend.

On being a Bandwagon Fan:

“Well, first of all, I’d like to say that despite what everyone on the Internet thinks, I do not team jump. In the past I’ve always supported the player and not the institution—unless we’re talking about the Kentucky Wildcats and the Toronto Raptors; I will never stray from them. But whether it comes to soccer or football or basketball, I have a lot of friends that play for a lot of teams. I’m not team jumping. I’m a supportive friend.”

I totally agree with this. People are really sensitive about their fandom, but don’t tell me how I’m supposed to enjoy sports.

Drake said he’s thinking about getting a place in Cleveland for a few months so he can check out Johnny Manziel’s debut season with the Browns, and LeBron’s return to the Cavs.

“Of course, I’m gonna go watch games in Cleveland. If not for LeBron—who I said is a brother to me, we’ve got three kids from Toronto on one team, plus Manziel who is part of our family and our brother. I definitely have to look into some real estate in Cleveland and spend some months of the year out there. Like I said, my teams will always forever be who they are but I will support the group who has shifted to Cleveland.”

“For Cleveland, a place that I’ve been to time and time again when I’ve been to touring, it’s gonna be great for them, I’d love to see them grow.”

When the topic turned to Skylar Diggins and his fascination with the WNBA star, Drake admitted that he’s never met her, and likely won’t this week cause he believes her boyfriend has her on lock down.

“I’ve never met Skylar, but I’m sure it’ll be extremely awkward if she does show up. She probably won’t though…her boyfriend will probably have her tied down to a chair that night.”

Drake, you are something else.