Drake To Host and Produce 1st Annual NBA Awards

Drake dropped lots of jewels this week during an appearance on the “Cal Cast” podcast, which is hosted by Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari.

After revealing that early in his music career, he would’ve traded it all to join the Wildcats squad, Drake revealed that he’ll be hosting and producing the first annual NBA awards. The event will take place in June after the finals once the season ends.

“I’m actually producing and hosting the first annual NBA Awards this year. I get to take the reins on it,” Drake said. “The ESPYs let me do great things, and I thank them a lot for that. Usually, awards shows sometimes are a bit restricted. But they let me do a lot at the ESPYs, so we’ll just expand on that concept.”

He explained why events like this are so important to him.

“I love being in a room full of iconic, legendary people that I look up to and having that pressure of having to make them laugh and enjoy their evening.”

The event will take place on June 26th and will feature many current and former stars and all awards such as MVP, Rookie of the year, Sixth man, Coach of the year and so on, will all be handed out that night.

Two years ago, the NBA Players Association held the First annual “Players Awards” awards. Last season they scrapped the show and ended up giving out the awards online.  The NFL has their own version of this with the NFL Honors which takes place during Super Bowl weekend.


spotted at Complex