Dodgers Star Matt Kemp Says He & Rihanna Are “Best Friends” [Video]

Dodgers star Matt Kemp was spotted out in London with his ex- Rihanna last month. But Kemp said there is no reunion, that she’s one of his “best friends” and they were just hanging out.

Is it me, or does his answer seem like one a female would give when she’s involved with a guy but they don’t have an official title… cause he has a lot of “good friends”

Kemp is still in the running for the NL MVP- that’s being awarded next week. And he’s already won a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger from the 2011 season. His contract is up next year and with the Dodgers moving on from the McCourt divorce drama. Resigning him has to be top priority.

Can we discuss the octave levels of his voice? No, not today… next time.