Brandon Jennings vs. Tommy The Clown, Battlezone Style [Video]

Brandon Jennings has been hosting flag football games while the NBA lockout marches on. At his most recent match he invited LA legend, Tommy the Clown out. If you aren’t familiar, Tommy stated out back in the early 90’s as a hip-hop birthday party clown that later was responsible for the “krump” dance movement in L.A.

So it’s only natural that Jennings turned the park into “Battlezone” to showcase his own set of Krumping skills against Tommy.

This is probably very hard to grasp if you aren’t from L.A. or know about the krumping. Probably as hard to understand as the time Brandon jokingly released the video of him dancing to Lady Gaga


I guess that’s not helping my case huh? It was a MOVEMENT people.


Curtsy to Cassy Athena