Did Victor Cruz’s Fianceé Elaina Hit Up His SideChicks In Group Chat?

Chapter 11 of my book, PostGame Pass: access into “the life,breaks down the seven things women need to know before dating or marrying a professional athlete.

The first rule was so important, I didn’t even make it a rule. Its more like a mantra, “he’s going to cheat on you.” That fact is relevant for today’s lesson in the lifestyle:



New York Giants star wide receiver Victor Cruz hasn’t taken one snap this NFL season due to injury, but if this text message allegedly sent by his fianceé to all his sidepieces is true, it seems as if Cruz has been extremely busy.


According to MTO, Elaina Watley sent this text to a group of women to A. let them know that she knows about them, and B. it’s only polite to introduce them to each other also, considering they’re all involved sexually by extension. Elaina also shared that Vic has been hooking up at various hotels with the women but referring to them as “whores” to her. Victor was also included in this group text:



Do you list your fiance in your phone by his whole name?

“Girl you not the only one that’s trying to be the only one” – Drake

Cruz may end up down a sidepiece or two after this, but it also lets women know that he’s open to new friendships. Elaina opted for a counter move. If she can’t get him to stop dealing with other women, perhaps she can create a problem in his extra-curricular situations, leaving him no choice but to end it.

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