Dezmon Briscoe admits he lied about text messages from Christina Nero, his son’s mother


Welcome to the bright lights Dezmon Briscoe. The Bucs WR not only missed the first day of voluntary workouts on Tuesday, he’s also found himself smack dab in the middle of girlfriend vs. Baby’s mama beef on Twitter.

Earlier today (Wednesday), Royce’s Basketball Wives castmate, Kenya Bell let it slip that Dezmon and Royce might already be engaged- of course this Tweet has since been deleted but I GOT YOU, see below.



What came this afternoon on the heels of that was pretty unexpected. Dezmon took to Twitter to clear Christina Nero – his son’s mother- name stating that he did in fact send the text messages she posted, claiming the reason was to get on her good side to see his son… I thought there were legal proceedings that worked those issues out in the event the parents can’t.


See, this is why I say never trust the man that dismisses an ex as “crazy.” Usually, he’s done something to send her that way. No women is publicly acting like that over a man that isn’t messing with her reality.

Royce took to Twitter to address it.

Reason number 137 why you shouldn’t sell dreams.


As for why he missed the voluntary practice session that was attended by all of his team, “personal reasons”.


Twitter can get you caught up.