Details of Michael Jordan & Yvette Prieto’s prenup


Basketball legend Michael Jordan is set to marry Yvette Prieto on April 27th. This will be the second marriage for Jordan. Unlike his first dance at the alter, this marriage will begin with an iron clad prenup. The prenup will protect nearly all of the sports star’s $650million fortune. Each will keep the assets that they bring to the marriage according to “The Daily Mail.” The alleged terms of the prenup, if the couple ends up in divorce court, Yvette will receive $1million for every year that they are married. If the marriage lasts for 10 years, she will receive $5million per year if they split up.

Michael and his ex-wife Juanita divorced in 2006. Juanita walked away from the marriage with $168million, their shared Chicago mansion- which she sold – and custody of the couple’s three children.


Speaking of Jordan and handing out payments. With Pamela Smith recently dropping her paternity suit against Mike regarding her 16-year old son “Taj,” representatives for Jordan say don’t believe the hype. He didn’t pay anything to make it go away. I reached out to Pamela Smith to see what motivated her to drop the suit and speak with her about the various allegations but her rep has yet to respond.

A lot of these new athlete wives need to seek the council of the ex-Mrs. Jordan. No prenup, still collecting her cash and no headlines…