Deion Sanders says ex-wife Pilar is a “paper chaser” and wants her to “go away”


Deion Sanders has been awarded permanent primary custody of his three children, Shelomi, 9, Shedeur, 11, and Shilo, 13, with his ex-wife, Pilar Sanders. In addition to that, the judge ruled that the prenup will stand and Pilar gets NO EXTRA $$. Tough break right?According to  Sandra Rose, Deion and his lawyer Rick Robertson dished the deets on the arrangement and of course, express why he believes Pilar is a gold digging paper chaser whom he just wants to move on:

Deion, who called Pilar’s agenda “a paper chase,” said Pilar was only concerned with their community property (his mansion) and getting their marriage annulled.

“Who gets their marriage annulled after 14 years,” he said.

“The pre-nup is what it is,” said Deion. “Unfortunately, our pre-nup is a million dollars, and she ran up $1.4 million in attorney’s fees. You can do the math.”

“[She] wanted a jury trial because the judge had already ruled on all of this,” he said. “The jury consisted of 9 women.”

“It’s been a year and a half and I’m tired of it!” he said, referring to the child custody battle. “Leave us alone. Go away! Move on with your life!”

I’ve always had custody of the children,” he added. “My kids are happy. This is the life they know. My kids know being with me all the time. This is why I was awarded [custody],” he said.

“This ain’t no game, babe, I’m totally serious about my children,” he said before putting his attorney on the phone.

Mr. Robertson explained that a jury of 9 women “Answered a couple of questions” regarding the custody of the children. “We did not ask for the jury trial, they did,” he said, meaning Pilar’s attorney. “The terms are very misunderstood.”

“Texas is one of only 2 states that even allow juries to answer questions on any aspects of family law cases,” said Robertson.

Deion was given sole (primary) managing conservatorship of the boys, and that means he makes all decisions. And he was given exclusive right to determine Shelomi’s residence. The judge issued a ruling on Monday of this week that said that all 3 kids live with Deion because Deion has primary custody of all 3 of them,” said Robertson.

He added: “And the judge also set out what Pilar’s visitation rights are.”

There have been an influx of high profile men gaining full custody of their children. Is it all financially motivated?