Derek Jeter Sends One Night Stands Home With A Parting Gift

Yankee star Derek Jeter is single. So “dating” a number of women doesn’t mean that he’s a bad guy. That’s what you’re supposed to do right, date around until you find “the one.” And being a gentleman that understands the powerful connection that sometimes happens when a superstar athlete hooks up with a woman for a night of passion… and thats it. He also knows better than to send his female companion off empty handed. Clearly Jeter has a lot of practice with this, he sends new dates a gift basket that also contains an autographed baseball.
Get your heart broken, put the ball on Ebay and soothe your heart I guess. That’s a bit tacky. Especially considering he’s accidentally sent the same parting gift to a woman who he bed twice…

But then again, the goal is to NOT end up like this right.

I say, make better choices. But where’s the fun in that.