Basketball Wives Stars Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams Had An Altercation At Shaunie O’Neal’s Birthday Party?

Looks like Basketball Wives Miami isn’t going to let the LA show takeover their title as the most drama filled cast. Sounds as if Evelyn and Jennifer had their own confrontation during a birthday party last week for Shaunie O’Neal at Phillipe in Miami. And if you believe the reports, it ended in another physical altercation (guess everyone has moved on for drink tossing)

According to the witness, as Shaunie was celebrating her birthday at Philippe Chow, guests Evelyn and Jen got into an intense verbal argument, which ended with Evelyn allegedly hitting Jennifer on the top of the head with a clutch purse! After more harsh words, the two were separated. We’re told VH1′s cameras were rolling and the entire incident was caught on tape.

On December 10th Shaunie and Tami Roman, who is also a cast member, tweeted to each other about the party being “interesting and epic.”

Friends fall out with one another all the time. I really hope the issue hasn’t escalated to the point where the two are physically going after each other. I wonder if this was before the VH1 photoshoot that was live streamed. Jennifer looked extremely uncomfortable. Maybe that was the precursor.