Derek Jeter On His Love Life, The Media And Not Getting “Caught Up”

“There’s never been any kiss-and-tell stuff where a girl breaks up with Derek Jeter and then says what a creep he is. I don’t know how he avoids it. He must have some sort of vetting process—maybe he makes them fill out a questionnaire or has a psychological profile done. He’s incredible.”

Richard Johnson, former editor of the New York Post‘s Page Six

Derek Jeter is arguably the most famous man in baseball. He recently sat down with GQ magazine to discuss, his secret to success in New York, how he keeps his love life so low key and why he’s so generic with the press.

On why he’s leery of the press:A lot of times, when you say things, people will try to turn it into [something else]. Sometimes someone asks you a question, and if you don’t comment or dispute what they say, they’ll take it as though you agree. I’ve always been very aware of what I’m saying, but I’m also aware of what you’re saying. I always want to make sure that my point is clear.”

On his high-profile relationships: Derek Jeter has been linked to more bad chicks than NBA players are to reality “stars” and video vixens. Over the years the list has included pop star Mariah Carey, Actress Minka Kelly (his current), former Miss Universe Lara Dutta, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, and actresses Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jordana Brewster, and Vanessa Minnillo. “I understand the interest. I do I understand people want to know. I get that. And I think in terms of your career, your occupation, they can know anything they want. [But] some things should be kept private.”

How he managed to avoid being caught up in NYC: “Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t go out and have fun. But there’s been a lot of players that come to New York and get caught up in the lifestyle, and before you know it, they’re sent away to another team because it affected their performance. My number one priority was on the field. I’ve had fun. It’s not like I’ve never gone out; I’ve done a lot of things. But I’ve always kept sight of my number one priority.”

I didn’t realize Derek was drafted in 1992 but didn’t arrive to the majors until 1996. (Hey, baseball was my least favorite to watch and if it wasn’t the Dodgers or Angels, fuhgetaboutit (forget about it) ::giggles::  It’s interesting to look back at how he’s grown through 5 championships, numerous All-Star game and Golden Glove selections. The list of his “lady friends” is incredible and yet not one has managed to tie him down.

I wonder if that’s a secret to not getting caught up in the bright lights of NYC as well?

Strictly comparing their professional careers, would Kobe Bryant be considered his NBA equivalent?