Sacremento Kings To Become Los Angeles Royals

The Kings are planning to leave Sacramento. That’s not a secret. But now it looks as if it’s not just an idea but a plan in motion. Looks like the Kings organization have already selected a name for the team and reserved the website for it as well.

Our friends at Black Sports Online have the details:

While the Sacramento Kings ponder a move to Anaheim, they may already be laying the groundwork for a name change.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office received an application on March 3 by a Nevada corporation seeking exclusive rights to use the name “Los Angeles Royals.”

The web domain was registered the day before.

The Nevada corporation is the Crickets Corp., represented by Sacramento attorney Scott Hervey. Hervey specializes in intellectual property issues and also represents the Maloof family, owners of the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

The Kings played for years in Kansas City and Rochester as the Royals, and have lately been wearing their retro Royals jerseys in home games.

Per several reports, the Lakers and Clippers are said to be opposed to the move and could vote against it once the NBA Board of Governors (the other owners) are allowed to vote on the matter (should the Kings organization follow through with relocation plans, they have until April 18th to file).

two random items, 1. I wonder if the Kings’ dancers, will become the Court Queens? second, It’s interesting that teams that move to Anaheim still want to fall under the “Los Angeles” moniker. I’d relish 41 additional games to enjoy in person, but the drive to Anaheim… I don’t know about that.