Denver Broncos DE Jason Hunter Stabbed In Detroit

Another day, another football player stabbed by his significant other. What is really going on?

27-year old Denver Broncos DE Jason Hunter was stabbed in his left shoulder allegedly by his 23-year old girlfriend in Detroit.

Police did take Hunter’s girlfriend into custody and told Action News that she was facing charges including felonious assault. Investigators later said the woman would not be arraigned on the charges because Hunter does not want to pursue the matter.

Very strange. Similar to the Brandon Marshall situation, the victim doesn’t want the attacker to get in trouble. There are rumors that the girlfriend story is a cover up. Especially since Jason is also refusing to state where the incident took place.

The only thing I am certain of, if I’m involved with someone and a situation happens that I feel my only recourse is to pierce your flesh with a knife… I don’t even want to comprehend that type of “love.” I’m good