Gilbert Arenas & Laura Govan Are Being Sued For $25,000

The Gilbert Arenas- Laura Govan situation continues to bring more confusion.

Apparently Laura used Gilbert’s Black card to fund her move from DC to California after Gilbert was traded to the Magic (and left without saying goodbye.) Without his permission.

Well, Gilbert refuted the $25,000 American Express charge and the company refunded his money but now the moving company of course wants SOMEBODY to pay up. They’re suing both Gil and Laura. wheeewww

Want more details? Of course you do:

Gilbert wrote to the moving company in mid February–about 2 weeks after Laura issued him child support papers during one of his basketball games–that the two credit card charges Laura made to the company were fraudulent and he never approved them.

American Express refunded the money back to Gilbert, and Laura THEN changed the name on the contract–“to protect the privacy of the family”–to Laura Mendoza-Govan instead of Laura Arenas. Hmmm….

So JK Moving & Storage company is suing the COUPLE for breach of contract under both their names. And they’re demanding their full balance of $25,000+, plus interest and 40% of attorney fees.

The most interesting part of this court doc is that the moving company claims Laura–who told them her name was “Laura Arenas”–said she and the kids were moving to California in order to build the dream life for them and Gilbert after his retirement. WTF?

That is A LOT!!! And legally, that is fraud right? I still think if Gilbert would’ve left the right way this may not have happened. Actually, I’m lying, there’s always something crazy happening with these two. The new baby is due soon

Here’s a link to the court documents