Delonte West produced tracks he calls “Bipolar music” [audio]

Looking for some beats? Perhaps you should hit up Delonte West AKA Charles Redz. Add Delonte to the list of NBA players who are moonlighting as rappers. West is prepping for his new mixtape,  Cadillac MusicCome Ride Wit Me.  While on the flight home from the Mavericks preseason games in Barcelona and Germany, he  created a few tracks that he refers to as “bipolar music.”

The beats put you in the mind of 90’s tracks from DJ Quik. If you’ve ever had an appreciation for the Quik’s Groove interludes then this might be your lane.

No vocals on these yet, though but with titles like “Night vision on my CL,” “Lord if you gave me wings,” and “Reservation for 2 at Cub Slow Lane,” I’d say that the forthcoming lyrics might be highly entertaining .


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