Deion Sanders ordered to pay Pilar $14K per month. Will share custody of children

Deion Sanders arriving to court

Ready for another episode of He-said-She-said featuring Deion Sanders and the soon to be Ex-Mrs. Sanders, Pilar? The two were back in court today to hash out financial and custody issues foe their pending divorce. If you’ve been keeping up, there have been several calls to 911, allegations of infidelity and abuse. Plus your garden variety mud-slinging.

First up, let’s check out a few highlights from today’s hearing:

Deion’s take:

  • Deion Sanders testified he recently just signed new $1M contract with NFL Network. Says he is contacted during football season only.
  • Deion Sanders tells court Pilar took artifacts given to him by Bishop TD Jakes. Deion says he wants them back!
  • Deion Sanders testified he makes at least $7500 a month after all taxes.
  • Deion Sanders testified he doesn’t know how much money he made during 2011 or 2010.

Pilar’s Take:

  • Pilar Sanders asking for a grand total of $24K a month in support for she & 3 kids.
  • Pilar Sanders testifies she believes total value of Sanders estate to be $250 Million.
  • Pilar Sanders says she has no income right now, no money.
  • Pilar Sanders asking for $2K a month for food & restaurant costs. Says she only buys organic produce, free range chicken for kids.
  • Pilar Sanders also asking for $450/mo for personal care, $500/mo for school lunches, $1000/mo entertainment, $750/mo child care.
  • Pilar Sanders says she is looking for jobs. Says her looks are what make her marketable. Says she models, acts.
  • Pilar Sanders says was paid for work on TV shows ‘Single Ladies’ & ‘Football Wives’. Says she considers herself a good actress.

That was interesting. Not let’s see how the judge felt:

Deion Sanders will pay around $10,500 a month in child and spousal support payments and a $3,500 mortgage payment for Pilar Sanders’ new home until the divorce is finalized.

The judge also ordered Deion to pay $275,000 in attorney fees for Pilar’s attorneys.

Pilar didn’t walk away scott free. She’s been ordered to return 6 containers filled with property to Prime Time’s home by July 1st. The couple’s two sons will stay with their father during the school year while the daughter will go with Pilar and during the summers, they will share custody.

Pilar wanted $24,000 and ended up with $14,000 plus having him accountable for the attorney’s fees is HUGE. Ladies, let this be a lesson to you as you contemplate the trophy wife lifestyle. Always have a back up plan. Especially if you have children. A secret stash of mad money with at least a year of living expenses is mandatory! You’re supposed to have a six month stash for work and if being a housewife is your job…