Daniel Tosh rips ESPN for allegedly ripping off Tosh.o segment [video]


In the blogging world, sites are often inspired by – which is really cute phrasing for stealing from – other sites. I personally have had content, stories, posts, etc. lifted by some of the more popular larger sites. You chalk it up to the game. But, it doesn’t stop there, it can also happen with a large network and a popular TV show.

ESPN recently unveiled a new segment on SportsCenter that is called “Awesome Video Segment.” If you are a Tosh.0 fan and know what a “Web Redemption” is, you know already know the premise of “Awesome Video Segment.”

Like Tosh, ESPN has decided to interview people who have been publicly embarrassed by some sort of viral video. The World Wide Leader’s first subject was Canadian singer Mark Donnelly, who recently wiped out while singing “O Canada” at a junior hockey game. ESPN even asked Donnelly to “give it another shot,” which is exactly what Tosh does during every “Web Redemption” segment.

“You f—ing hacks are cheapening my brand,” Tosh said. “I’m fine with kids in high school or college plagiarizing, but once you work for a real network you should have some goddamn self respect.”