Chris Bosh’s “Hangover 3” Bachelor Party In Las Vegas minus DWade & King James

Chris Bosh’s wedding will take place in Miami in July.(well the public one at least, remember we saw a marriage license back in April, I think those are only good for about 60 days, yes? but anyway)

Chris and his boys- minus his big 3 teammates Dwyane Wade and LeBron James :raised eyebrow:- hit Las Vegas recently for “The Hangover 3” bachelor party.

“It was everything these guys don’t get to do during the season,” said a source close to the 12-man party posse, including New Orleans Hornets Jarrett Jack and Pops Mensah-Bonsu. They landed in Sin City Thursday and headed straight to a shooting range to blow off steam before moving to N9NE Steak house. Friday included dinner at Lavo before Criss Angel‘s show, “Believe.” Angel pulled Bosh onstage to make him part of the act, and later levitated before the Miami Heat player’s crew backstage. Next stop was the Boom Box at Marquee. They played paintball the next day and partied at Tao, then capped off the festivities Sunday with a “Rat Pack” casino night at Caesars and a Mark Curry comedy show.

Sounds titillating. You know, I have a real cheesy joke to insert here but I think at this point, you’re making your own so why waste my comedic gold! ::giggle:: Meanwhile, Adrienne and her friends took off to Mexico for a few days. Nice
Can I just add that NBA players have much better weekends than this during the season. But that’s another story for another day.