Athletes Who Tweet Have More Brand Influence On The Fans That Follow Them

Though Donovan McNabb might disagree. There’s a method to some of Chad OchoCinco’s madness. The 2011 Catalyst Fan Engagement Study was just released and it’s findings indicate that sports’ fans who follow athletes on twitter are 55% more likely to purchase a brand if it’s mentioned by them in social media. That number is significantly higher among young (18-34), non-white fans (75%) and those with kids at home (62%).

The fans are listening. It’s almost as if the athletes are providing one-on-one personal lifestyle advice. And who doesn’t love THAT treatment. Other key points uncovered in the study:

The survey did not mention which athletes had the most influence via their Twitter and Facebook destinations. However, among the most active on Twitter and with the largest number of followers are, Shaquille O’Neal (nearly 4 million), Serena Williams (more than 2.1 million followers), Chad Ochocinco (2.1 million), Dwight Howard (2 million) and Paul Pierce (more than 1.8 million followers).

There’s power in your tweets! It doesn’t always have to end up negative!