Chick leaks photos of Facetime convo with Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant is single meaning, he can date, Skype and whatever else with no obligation to a significant other. The problem with that, it’s survival of the fittest. And sometimes, that means whatever a girl can do to get the edge on chick 2B, her competition, will be utilized.

Case in point, a young lady released screen shots of her facetime convo with KD. Is it a big deal, not really. But we all know there are times when you want to keep who you’re socializing with low for a variety of reasons.

The tricky part for athletes is that if you aren’t certain how your lady friend looks, Facetime is an easy and quick remedy. Maybe they met in a dark club, or on a social network or perhaps he simply forgot what she looks like. You can’t go solely on an Instagram photo because “Catfish” is a reality in 2013.

I wonder if this moves Chick 2B who kept her convos private to a 1B role? SMH anything to get a psychological edge over your opponent. But careful not to take yourself out of the game in the process.



KD says that this was taken the wrong way. A fan wanted to Skype with him as her birthday wish.




curtsy to FCP