Charles Barkley Clarifies Weight Watchers Statement

Predictably, people blew Charles Barkley’s statement that Weight Watchers is a ‘scam’, out of context. I thought it was pretty clear that he meant being paid to lose weight is a “scam” but I guess not. Barkley and Weight Watchers have issued a statement clearing up the remarks.

Weight Watchers: “We love Charles for the same reason everyone loves Charles, he’s unfiltered. We are thrilled that he is having great success and inspiring millions of men to join him. We agree that being a spokesman for Weight Watchers is a pretty great gig.”

Charles Barkley: “I meant what I said, the fact that I’m dropping pounds, getting healthier and getting paid at the same time, is my definition of a great scam. The only problem is I’m going to have to use some of the money to buy a new wardrobe.”

Seriously?? Comprehension and context skills must not be a part of the basics anymore.