Carmelo Anthony announced as EVP of POWERCOCO Sports Drink

Add Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony to the list of jocks doing that whole athlete/businessman hybrid. Anthony has announced a new partnership that not only has him in the role of endorser but also an Executive Vice President with the company.

Today, POWERCOCO and Five Time NBA All-Star New York Knick Carmelo Anthony announced a partnership where Anthony will take on an active role as executive vice president of innovation at POWERCOCO, The Next Generation Sports Drink®.

Anthony, an investor in the company, was inspired to join POWERCOCO, a natural sports drink, due to his desire to educate athletes everywhere about the benefits of natural hydration.  In his new role, Anthony will work with POWERCOCO’s executive committee on the evolution of the brand, product functionality and flavor development. Anthony will become the face of the brand and will utilize his experience as a professional athlete to spread awareness about the benefits of natural hydration.

“After many years as a professional athlete, I’ve become more aware of the ingredients I put into my body to perform at my best,” said Anthony. “There is no question that the natural ingredients and low sugar formula of POWERCOCO is the best choice to keep me hydrated on and off the court. I am proud to help introduce The Next Generation Sports Drink as a part of the POWERCOCO movement.”

POWERCOCO is an electrolyte sports drink with a coconut water hydration base. Two of the hottest product fads over the last couple of years are energy drinks and coconut water. Makes sense Melo would make the jump.