Braylon Edwards DWI – Will Still Play in Miami Sunday

We ALL make mistakes. We are ALL guilty of lapses of good judgement. However, when 1 is on probation, has ample access to cabs, a team provided car service plus 2 teammates (and some other random person in the car), a DWI just shouldn’t happen.

Officers on the lookout for vehicle violations like excessively tinted windows or missing registration stickers pulled over Edwards’ white Land Rover on Manhattan’s West Side at 4:47 a.m. ET and noticed a strong smell of alcohol and that he had bloodshot, watery eyes, the police report states.

So it’s not even that Braylon’s driving was physically impaired, its the extra dark tint (that most feel buys them added privacy) that made the police pull “The Beard” over. Simply put, it’s dangerous, you should know better, you’re in a contract year. Dude how DUMB can you be? Then you have the teammates that are speaking out anonymously saying that Braylon can’t handle the spotlight. And all of this comes after Inesgate. Which means that secretly (or not so secretly) there will be locker room animosity.

SMH Braylon, you were halfway on my reasons to be a fan of the Jets list (The beard makes it hard to fully commit) and now that appears your judgement Really is that off ::SIGH:: you are messing with the possibility of the Jets being “MY TEAM”. Depending on how you respond overall, you may have reduced the team to permanent Dude 2B status. We’ll see.

And I’m not sure who left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson and defensive end Vernon Gholston are (but since there names haven’t been mentioned to often as being the passengers I’ll assume they don’t need to be on my radar) but you’re not the brightest either!

Braylon won’t be starting this Sunday in Miami but he will dress.

He looks NUTS in his mugshot, like a serial killer or something.