Paul Pierce’s High School Jersey Retired

In the Heart of Lakerdom, a Celtic can’t deny his roots. Yesterday, Paul Pierce’s Inglewood High school Jersey was retired (yes the Sentinels colors are green white, maybe foreshadowing his NBA legacy notice it still came 2 years after the Celtics beat the Lakers in the finals but 3 months after the Lakers beat the Celtics this year :shrug: just a random fact).

I’m a true L.A. girl so I automatically show love to players from here, even the ones that play for Boston! Looks like P2 shares my feelings on this matter:

“I don’t have conflicted memories. I live here. I’m from here. I’m around my friends and my family. Obviously losing to the Lakers in Game 7 hurts, but it’s just home for me in the offseason. I spend a lot of time around people that had a chance to watch Paul Pierce grow and had a chance to watch Paul Pierce succeed in high school, college and the NBA.”

Congratulations to Paul! Watch his interview as well as the entire ceremony.