Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, JaVale McGee, Shannon Brown & Andre Iguodala Featured In GQ [Photos]

Basketball and fashion are two of my  passions. I especially love when GQ merges them. They just “get it.” This latest spread features some of the NBA’s hottest dunkers in Blake Griffin, JaVale McGee, Russell Westbrook, Andre Iguodala and Shannon Brown. Great accidental timing as the lockout should be officially over shortly and the players need a guide for what will and won’t be appropriate for their postgame looks.


I like Blake’s look. The combo seems like something he would actually wear, down to the socks. Speaking of socks, they’re currently a big accessory right now for athletes, especially NBA players. I’m expecting big things from Blake going into his second year in the L. He and DeAndre Jordan have great chemistry on the Clippers. Let’s win some games and work on a playoff spot!

Andre Iguodala’s color combination is a solid WIN! But I’m concerned with the photo selection. Waaaay to tight in the thigh area for my taste. Yes, I realize he’s in the iconic Jordan “jump man” pose and yes, I still feel the same way. That’s about how I feel about the Sixers right now, some good looks but an overall no.

I like Russell Westbrook’s look here. It’s safe but the argyle tie gives it a little edge. I think that’s what Oklahoma City Thunder fans are looking for this year from Russ. A steadier point guard that thrives in the safety of having Kevin Durant as the anchor to your team. Only take calculated risks… and I think they’ll get that in doses but,Russell’s game…is his game.

Wizards player JaVale McGee looks nice. I doubt he would’ve put this look together on his own, or even rolled with it if someone presented it to him to wear for a postgame (I could be wrong, I’m basing it off of his look at the Espy Awards last summer) but he carries it off well. The Wizards have John Wall and a soft lower half in the Eastern conference. Maybe they can finally start gelling as a team.

I like this look, but not on Shannon Brown. And that’s not to say that he’s not carrying it off well or that he couldn’t step out in it. I just don’t see it for him. For the Lakers, I HAVE to see it. But there are obvious glaring ares for concern.

A new coach and system in Mike Brown- no, I do not believe in him for the coaching choice. I respect his defensive schemes when he was with the Spurs but I don’t think he has a big enough personality to grab a hold of the Lakers.

A lot of people point to the Lakers age as being of concern in a shortened season. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum, I think it will serve as a help to the Lakers.This team is known to go off in bursts throughout the season. Get them on a role in the shortened time, coupled with the extend rest might be one of the best things for them.

Lastly, I realize that Shannon has opted out of his contract and we have no idea where he’ll end up BUT, that’s where he was last.

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