Basketball Wives LA Reunion Special Part Two Recap [Video]

There was absolutely no point to the second hour of the Basketball Wives LA reunion. An entire hour spent on “Wacky Jackie” and her “Kooky” antics was a waste of camera time. We learned nothing new or insightful, we still don’t have any further details and the real drama (whatever the REAL story is about Laura and Draya’s beef) never made it to air.




Having said that, if Jackie somehow manages to finagle all of this into a show of her own, I wouldn’t be surprised. I definitely expect a season 2 for the LA cast (with some new additions). I wonder if Laura and her 23 carats will be back. I know ladies have been wanting another upclose look at the ring so

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Baseball Wives starts Wednesday, let’s see what they have for us!

Photos via VH1