Basketball Wives Update: Evelyn Responds To Jennifer. Another Physical Altercation On Set

It’s not a secret that reality TV can destroy relationships. Basketball Wives has been responsible for trouble in a more than a few. Who would’ve thought after season 1, Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams would become bitter enemies. The two are still bickering and Evelyn has responded to an interview Jennifer gave-that allegedly was supposed to be an off the record private conversation but, more on that later. AND, there was another physical altercation involving Jennifer that may have been captured by VH1’s cameras.

Ready for the  update on your favorite BBW? Let’s go:

About the physical altercation on set, of course TMZ got those goods:

Sources close to the show tell TMZ … the girls were all in a VIP suite at the Gulf Stream Race Track in Hallandale, FL last Saturday. We’re told Nai Crooks — who is Evelyn’s assistant but used to work for Jennifer as well — called out Jennifer … who the other girls feel has become “too big for britches.”

According to our sources, the two got face-to-face and Nai pushed Williams in the face to get her away. In the police report, Williams described it as being “intentional struck by Crooks with an open hand to the left side of her face.”

Williams told police security from the production company then stepped in to intervene. Our sources say that’s true … but that security also grabbed Lozada to keep her from jumping in after Williams.

Evelyn made mention of this altercation in an interview she did with Necole Bitchie in response to Jen’s interview. Evelyn wants you to understand a few things. 1. She has NO reason to be jealous of Jennifer. None, not her friends or anything else and. 2. It’s not about that radio interview over Chad. She’s moved past that.

I don’t care who Jennifer hangs out with. I get it! You’re single. You’re having a good time. We’re in two different spaces right now, and frankly I don’t want to be in the club every night because my life is different.

So there’s no truth to the story at all?
I’m never that chick. Hang out with who you want to hang out with. I get it. You wanna be with your man, be with your man. I’ll never hate on none of that, but she’s always lying. She knows exactly what the issue is because she did something that went public. That pissed me off. I’m done. I don’t talk to her. I don’t comment about anything pertaining to her, her dating life, what she does-–It’s not my business.

Does the issue stem from the radio interview where she questioned Chad’s intentions and the engagement?
The radio interview happened. Then, we had a conversation privately with no cameras, and I thought everything was squashed. Then she goes and does something else-–I can’t say too much because of the show–but something else she said sort of went public. And it’s like why keep doing this?

She told Nene that the conversation with Jamie (Jamie Foster Brown of Sister 2 Sister magazine) happened in private and that it wasn’t even supposed to be on the blogs. That’s why it’s not on the site anymore; because it was supposed to be a private conversation.Listen, my thing is if you want to confide in your girlfriends and you want to talk to them about what’s going on as far as filming and the show, I get it. But Jamie is a reporter. You were doing an interview. She’s not your home girl, so what did you think was going to happen?”

Evelyn is 100% correct. If you don’t have a pre-existing relationship with the reporter, you should be CLEAR that the conversation is off the record. If I included off the record convos here, I’d probably be a lot more popular but my ethics won’t allow for that. :::steps down off mini soap box::
Do you think Jen is trying to find her voice. She just went through a divorce, she has a new life…
No, she’s trying to remain relevant because I gave her a story line! Let’s just keep it real. I’m just being all the way honest. Every time I try to come down a little bit–you know how time heals everything–then, boom! Jennifer does another interview. It’s like why are you always talking about me?  Saturday, there was a filming, and it was chaos…The fact that you leave that, go back home and do an interview is crazy to me. I don’t get it. That b*tch done lost her mind.
And there you have it. In other news, check out some of the official cast photos for the new season. I know there have got to be better photos of Evelyn than that.
photos via VH1 Access