Basketball Wives season 4 episode 7 recap

What will the producers of Basketball Wives will do to freshen things up for season 5. I feel as if we’re just repeating the same scenarios and rearranging characters. This week we deal with the fallout of Kenya referring to Evelyn as “loose” and get to see Shaunie in the role of supermom, hooking up a major surprise for her daughter’s birthday.



That’s super cute. I’m sure that’s one of the best parts of being a “basketball wife” being able to give your kids those little extra special moments!

Kesha brought in her friend Sakara to drive her point home that she was telling the truth in the Kenya situation.


Funny enough, Sakara Ross (the friend) has been linked to several jocks and one of Evelyn’s old nemesis from season 1, Vanessa Davis (now ex-wife of former NBA player Ricky Davis). If you’re interested in more of that story, you can check the old deets on Baller Alert

But back to this one. Didn’t Kenya basically say in a round about way that she said it? I’m confused why we still need more conversation on the topic and yet another confrontation? Oh yeah, cause this is for TV


Yeahhhhhh so one, was Sakara a potential cast member? Kenya mentioned “they” asked us what we thought of each cast member and said Sakara said stuff too. Anyway, I thought that was just random. On to the actual confrontation.



I wonder how many establishments are saying NO to the show shooting there just based on the fact that there is always some sort of altercation. I can’t imagine just having your place of business on air outweighs the negative connotations of being attached to a “scene” from Basketball Wives.

As for the actual thing with Kenya, at some point if you really don’t give a f**k about what people have to say, you have to actually have to display those characteristics. Why fight HER? She’s nuts, who cares what she thinks. But again, where’s the storyline in that?

My 2 giggle worthy moments; Tami’s face when Evelyn said Kenya’s weave was starting to resemble Tami’s.

And Evelyn taking a swig of her drink before heading around the table.

If you’re interested in the throwback drama with Vanessa Davis and Evelyn, I interviewed Vanessa during season 1, you can check that out here. That was back when throwing drinks was the thing to do.