Andrew Bynum fined by the Lakers

Does Andrew Bynum not want to be in LA? Or is it just that he’s not feeling Mike Brown and believes he’s untouchable. Bynum was fined an undisclosed amount by the Lakers for a laundry list of team infractions.

Bynum has been in the headlines quite a bit lately, first there was the benching at Golden State for jacking up a three, then he said he didn’t participate in team huddles because he used that as zen time and there the jabs thrown at the Lakers through his comments to the media.

Bynum needs to grow up but this illustrates the concerns I had when Mike Brown was named as coach. I knew the players wouldn’t respect him. This also highlights were Derek Fishers’ presence is missed. Fish would be the go between in moments like this. To help smooth things over. Jim Buss labeled Bynum untouchable a long time ago but how long will this scenario go on?

I wonder what Kobe thinks. Not the soundbites he gives, what he REALLY thinks.