Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 5 Recap [Video]

In episode 5 of Basketball Wives Season 3 The ladies take a trip to the Big Apple. As expected conflict turns the fun sour as Evelyn and Tami’s beef over Ev’s t-shirts resurfaces. Jen agrees to her first date since splitting with Eric which is a blind date set up by Meeka and Speedy Claxton. ::blank stare::  We also meet Tami’s mother and watch as Evelyn reconciles with her long-absent father.

Think of this episode as background info into how Tami and Evelyn developed into the women that they have become. We get to see them in a different environment with their families. For Evelyn, it’s a trip home to visit her mother, sister and reconnecting with her estranged father:

Sometimes people can really underestimate just how important a father’s love is in a girl’s life. I know some may feel that at 35 it’s time for Evelyn to move on from that life many others have but healing is a personal process that can be hard to put a time frame on.
Evelyn is also trying to convince her daughter Shanice that New York would be the best place to go to college (Shanice has the right idea as she appears to be California bound!!)

Tami meanwhile is helping her daughters navigate the tricky world that is the music industry. Lyric and Jazz have singing/rapping aspirations and Tami was expecting to play the role of momanger but her daughter’s have other plans. We meet Tami’s mom for the first time (well the first time on this show, I remember her mother from the Real World L.A.) and get a glimpse into how Tami developed her no-nonsense attitude:

Tami has a beautiful family.

My comic relief this episode came in the form of Jenn’s blind date set up by Meeka and her husband Speedy. Listen, I know it’s just something to advance the plot but it’s so clear that they really don’t rock with Meeka. This date was awkward and the guy (Eric, go figure) was a bit of a cornball.

:shrug: It didn’t work for me either Jenn, but way to be trooper!!

And lastly, as expected (at least by me) Tami and Evelyn reach a peaceful resolution about “the t-shirts”

I think when it’s all said and done, Tami and Evelyn will be friends. They just challenge each other. The ladies looked really cute in this scene and the backdrop of New York felt very “Sex and the city-ish!” What’s not to love?

A great lowkey episode that shows a more down to earth side of “The Circle” of course we’re back to conflict next week but it’s great to have balance on the show!