Week 6 Drew League Highlights Featuring; Dorell Wright, JaVale McGee, James Harden, JR Smith and More [Video]

The S.O.B. and Dorell Wright

Another great Saturday at the Dino Smiley’s Drew League, quickly becoming the place to be on Saturdays and Sundays. The Drew league is hitting an all-time high in popularity not only in Los Angeles, but throughout the country. The Drew league has always been a place for great basketball, food, and an all-around family environment. But this summer, the Drew league is becoming more than just a hot spot for local basketball players, it’s become the first stop for the NBA’s best and most popular player.
It’s also become a fashion show for the ladies who have never even come close to the east side of Los Angeles. The Drew league might need a guest list in the up and coming weeks because it’s getting insane inside of the gym at Washington Park. When I say insane I mean that in a good way, as a major fan of basketball and women, I find myself getting exactly what I want on any given Saturday or Sunday. I get to watch and play with some of the best players in the NBA, overseas, college, and local legends. I also get to see pretty women and some not so pretty women in high heels, make up and lil shorts . This weekend was no exception as there were 2 major games on Saturday that packed the gym to where it was standing room only.

Drew League 2011 – Week 5 from Popeye Jawns on Vimeo.

The first game was Kings of LA vs. Blazers; the Blazers are probably the best team in the league because of their chemistry and team work. The Blazers also do not have any NBA players on their team at the current moment. Now the Kings of LA on the other hand, are led by Dorell Wright (Golden State Warriors), James Harden (Oklahoma City Thunder), and JaVale McGee (Washington Wizards) who made his season debut. Kings of LA also had special guests Desean Jackson (Philadelphia Eagles), Jeff Adrian (Golden State Warriors), and J.R. Smith (Denver Nuggets) who didn’t show up until the 4th quarter. The game had some spectacular dunks and exciting plays by both teams, but it was obvious that the Blazers weren’t intimated by Kings of LA and its NBA players. The game was back and forth pretty much the entire time despite the fact that the Kings of LA weren’t really playing their best and couldn’t get on the same page. Not to take anything away from the Blazers because they played their butts off and were determined to win the game and embarrass the Kings of LA. The game was still close entering the 4th quarter and when J.R. Smith walked in the gym you just knew Kings of LA would finally start clicking and run away with the game, as if Kings of LA with 4 NBA players really needed J.R. Smith to save the day. But it wasn’t going to happen, the Blazers actually ran away with the game in the 4th quarter. Giving Kings of LA a loss that they will not soon forget, oh by the way did I mention that I’m also a player on Kings of LA. So I have to share some of the blame and embarrassment for our performance this past weekend.

The next game featured Craig Smith (Los Angeles Clippers) and his team C. O. A., but very few people cared about that game. Nobody left because they didn’t want to lose their seats or spots in anticipation for the next game between Go H.A.M. vs. Cheaters 2. Go H.A.M. features The Game, Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace (Los Angeles Lakers), Steve Blake (Los Angeles Lakers), DeMar Derozan (Toronto Raptors), and Shannon Brown (Los Angeles Lakers) but neither DeMar nor Shannon played this weekend. I guess J.R. Smith didn’t get enough basketball in coming to the Kings of LA game at the 4th quarter so he decided to play with Go H.A.M. also. Just like the Blazers, the Cheaters 2 do not have any NBA players on their team. But they are led by 2 really special college players in Casper Ware Jr. (Long Beach State) and Keala King (Arizona State) who both showed no fear during Saturday’s game. Not sure how they got The Game’s security, friends, and entourage in the already packed gym but they did, which took the atmosphere to another level. This game also had exciting plays and the play was back and forth with the Cheaters 2 having a double digit lead most of the game. Go H.A.M. came into Saturday’s game undefeated and ranked the #1 team in the Drew league and they weren’t about to go down quietly. They made a serious 2nd half and 4th quarter push led by The Game who made shot after shot to keep his squad in the game.

Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace, J.R. Smith, and Money Mike also put in work during Go H.A.M.’s comeback. But Casper Ware Jr. wasn’t about to lose today, he put on a show from the start of the game to the end of the game, finishing with a game high of 43 pts and when Casper wasn’t putting in work, Keala King was making big shot after big shot himself. The combo of Casper and Keala along with the rest of the Cheater’s team provided to be too much for Go H.A.M. Saturday who got their first loss of the summer.

This Saturday showed exactly what the Drew league is about, no matter who you have on your team if you don’t come to play you will be humbled and sent on your way with a L. During Go H.A.M.’s game we also had a few special appearances, the beautiful Claudia Jordan (Model/Actress) and her crew of ladies, but when Snoop Dogg walked in the building it was clear to me that the Drew league will be the hot spot for the entire summer. So you might want to check out a game before the summer is over, outside of seeing some great basketball, you never know who might stop by to watch a game also.

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