Basketball Wives Season 2 Finale Recap


There’s always an altercation over dinner right??  The finale certainly lived up to the hype, yes? Let’s just get right into it!

  • Shaunie’s make up was HOT this episode, so was her hair. She stepped it up, I noticed and appreciated it!
  • For those complaining about actual wives participating in the show, this episode featured Brandi (Detroit Pistons player, Jason Maxiell’s wife), Nikki Shaw (former Laker, current Assistant Coach Brian Shaw’s wife), Kimisha Artest (Ron Artest’s wife, she looks like she snatches weaves off of females for fun) AND, the original Groupie-killer, Jackie Christie (wife of former NBA player Doug Christie and the world famous, I don’t speak to any females without my wife’s permission.)


  • The entire dinner with Gloria and the other wives plus Susie felt forced. I can’t imagine them really hanging out with each other. I don’t think Jackie has plans to join the cast as she has her own production company and a few shows in development with one, Hollywood Kids, expected to be on air shortly. It features her daughter.
Brandi is a cancer survivor, I saw the jokes on twitter and in the comments but felt you needed  that bit of info




  • I know it’s popular to throw out that the women of this show for the most part, “aren’t wives” however, Basketball wives is the backdrop to their stories.  They’re connected by pro athletes past or present. The  situations and entanglements are real to that world and are very similar no matter if the the guy is currently in the NBA, retired or the women were a long term girlfriend, faithful fiancee’ or dutiful wife. I understand the stakes are higher with an actual wife but I think you understand the point I’m making.
  • Evelyn said Jennifer might be jealous of she and Chad Ochocinco’s relationship… Interesting.
  • Of course Royce knows she plays both sides a little but why is this news?? These ladies aren’t really friends, co workers is an adequate description. Is their a perception that they are TRULY forming lasting bonds?  I get confused by the wavering back and forth on this point. :shrug:
  • Does out of the circle mean off the cast? Susie, Royce and Ashley won’t be returning… Sure does seem that way. But will there still be drama? I think we are past the point of caring about the Gloria beef.

  • I understand why Jenn may not have given them the details of her lip gloss line. Jenn seems business savvy if nothing else and I’m not shocked that she knows how to keep business and “friendships” separate. I believe she still loves Eric, I hope they reconcile.


  • Speaking of Eric, his twitter was hacked so if you’re looking for him,his new twitter is @EricWilliamsYo go follow him and please check out his timeline from last night. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting!


  • Evelyn and Chad are adults, her time table for getting it poppin is none of my concern. If it felt right to her, so be it. Although I don’t think I could’ve started my freakfest while the show cameras were still rolling… There are limits people, sorry that doesn’t work for me. ::giggles::  So what’s the verdict on the relationship, fake or no?


  • How G was Marlon (Shaunie’s boo) he held Tami back and didn’t even let the toothpick slip from his mouth


  • I feel Tami, it’s not that Evelyn went out with Kenny, men LIE in these scenarios. They will claim that they’re divorcing but want to keep it out of the media, there  for their kids or that they’re in a contract year etc. etc.  the point is, Evelyn didn’t tell her when they were creating a  “bond”. Their lunch together might have been a better time.


  • Again, I recognize that this is a cast for a SHOW but once we start opening up to each other (and clearly Tami felt that they had) you have to inform her of that. I do understand why Evelyn didn’t initially and really there is never a good time to say, “hey guess what, me and your ex-hubby popped off”. But if you’re around these circles long enough, most will be on one end or the other of this type of conversation. Tough one to manage.
  • It was interesting that Jenn said,  “sometimes girls don’t know.” While that is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, did she give the same benefit of the doubt to Sandra (Plastic Surgery from season 1)? It’s just a question people.


  • Speaking of Tami and “the Circle”, does Tami seem too pressed to be on the inside of the group ? You can see that Tami clearly misses her old life and this situation appears to be a pathway back to it.
  • Yes if you check the 99-00 Celtics roster, Kenny Anderson, Eric Williams and Antoine Walker were all on it. Let’s see, Evelyn and Antoine were together for 10 years and broke up in 2009 per the show. She and Jenn met when Toine and Eric were on the team together… you do the math.
  • Also, think back to episode one when Jenn & Eve first met Tami. Tami asked if they saw the mistress. Jenn said she may have seen the wife (who at that point was the mistress) but no mention of any “friends” they knew that dated Kenny. I get it, some things are better left unsaid… until it all comes to light.


  • Also recall when Eric and Jenn went to dinner with Kim and Byron Russell, Eric implied he knew more than Jenn did about Eve. Think this was what he meant? Did he assume Jenn had no clue about this or is there more to that revelation? I have my own theories, what say you?


This season was great! I can’t wait to see what new developments are being added for season 3. Will Shaunie still have a big role in front of the cameras or has this season shown her that it’s not always fun to be picked apart? Will Evelyn and Jenn’s friendship survive? Who will be the new castmates?? Don’t forget the 2 part reunion special airs next weekend and there are MORE fireworks to come with that.