Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban Is Teaming Up With Actor Charlie Sheen To Produce A Show

Add Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to the growing list of Charlie Sheen’s “winners.”  The flamboyant owner and the troubled actor are teaming up for a project that will air via Cuban’s HDNet.

Charlie shouted out HD.Net as one of the sponsors of his Ustream Saturday night- which was NOT a bitchen-Rockstar lifestyle showing by the way. It was actually rather dull although, Simon Rex was there. I loved him on MTV back in the 90’s.

But anyway, here’s the details per The Hollywood Reporter:

“It could be a talk show or a reality show. We’re trying to decide. Right now, we’re taping a lot of different things that he’s doing and we’ll try to figure it out. It’s still not 100 percent certain.”

“We’ll do something together, but it’s not certain it will be a show. It’ll come down to what he wants do and what his situation is. We’ll just figure it out from there, but it’s a unique opportunity, I’ll say that,” said Mark Cuban.

Cuban in fact is so enamored with the “Sheen’s” “Adonis DNA”, (Are you up on your Sheen-isms? they aren’t going away anytime soon) that he’s incorporated them into one of his Dallas Mavericks promos:

Dirk Nowitzki recently shot a video where he flexes, looks into the camera and says, “Boom. Winning. I got Tiger Blood. Every day is just filled with wins.”

I love it! In case you haven’t seen some of the other promos Cuban’s produced for the team check out Power and Caron Butler’s Tuff Juice