Basketball Wives LA Season Finale Recap [Video]

In the season finale of Basketball Wives LA. We see two sisters on opposite ends of the spectrum. Laura is back with Gilbert and moving to Orlando. While Gloria is breaking up with Matt and getting her own spot in L.A.

We also see the return of Kimsha (and that over-sized hoop earring in her top piercing) and the doomsday meeting with Jackie.


Who is surprised that Laura is back with Gilbert. 4 kids under the age of 5 and all the weirdness that is him… They deserve each other. She seems happy so, hey. Also, I would implore Imani to find someone better to take care of her weaves, I should not be able to see your tracks or separation between your hair and the extensions. I love weaves… GOOD ones. Just a suggestion. Maybe ask Malaysia. Her weaves are GREAT!


Matt and Gloria’s break up is tricky. This is definitly being generated from her but they are KILLING me with the whole “the whole world wanted this”

::Blank stare:: really?? People saw signs that the relationship had a few fissures. It was clear to everyone. Her reasons for opting out are some of the same reasons people told them to slow down… But whatever, good luck to both of them. Reality shows X LA living…

Now onto the “takedown”


I’m actually not mad at the grid the ladies put together. I like to have my ducks in a row too when dealing with confrontation. The thing about this, I don’t think Jackie is lying about everything she said, I think she just got caught running her mouth… and she’s crazy!

Overall, this season had it’s moments. Not unlike Miami. There are some instances where I felt this cast was more mature but I feel like season one wasn’t a great indicator of what this will be. I think season 2 will be better, just like Miami. ::smile::

Reunion is on deck for next week and the Miami cast is back filming and anticipates a February premiere. CAN’T WAIT. Baseball Wives debuts November 30th so as usual, I’ll have your recaps, sneak peeks, etc.

Yeah, it was anti climatic finale. What can you do? :shrug:


Clips and Photos via VH1