Basketball Wives LA Pursuing Vanessa Bryant For Season 2

It was just a matter of time before this idea was floated out. Vanessa Bryant has come to represent The Ultimate  Basketball Wife. Cheating, Championships and now HALF in a divorce settlement. Vanessa has always had an “unfriendly” and aloof reputation but, there aren’t many that have been close enough to get to know her.

VH1’s Basketball Wives LA wants to change that. The producers of the show are in hot pursuit of the ex-Mrs. Bryant to add to the LA cast (and of course maker her the focal point of the show.) Vanessa’s divorce coupled with season 1 being a big hit, the producers now feel they have the proper coin to try to lure Vanessa on for season two.

Being totally honest. I can’t see Vanessa jumping on the show. 1. Even though it’s not “Shaunie’s show”, it’s still Shaunie O’Neal’s show. The two never seemed close when their husbands were teammates on the Lakers. 2. I can’t see her hanging out with Gloria, Laura, Draya, Imani and crew. and 3. Why would she jump into an ensemble grouping without testing the limits of her own show if she’s interested in that lane.

It’s a nice wish. A good buzz for the show but with $75 million cooling in her bank account, why would she?

Of course if she did, I’d be glued…