49’ers Kyle Williams Takes A Twitter Beatdown

Second year 49ers punt returner Kyle Williams is barring the brunt of the criticism for the team’s loss yesterday to the Giants. Whatever side of the argument you may be on, surely you have to be against threats to his and his family’s safety. 49’er fans took to Twitter to blow off steam. Some were mild and joking at WIlliams expense and others, I’d call a terrorist threats being sent to the second year player. The gift and the curse of immediate access to athletes.

Lucky for him, though his teammate Patrick Willis had his back via Twitter.

A similar situation happened following the Texans loss to Jacoby Jones. But those fans went as far as to leave his jersey burning on his front lawn. The Packers Jermichael Finely received threats as well. It’s disgusting behavior by “fans.” But I’m sure a lot of people would feel these players were out of line if they responded in kind. What happened to good fan-dom? A little trash talk is cool but the threats of violence are excessive.