Basketball Wives LA Episode 3 Recap

One of the things I appreciate the most about the cast of Basketball Wives LA is that they are woman enough to admit when they’re wrong (so far)  and apologize. Imani apologizing for calling Draya worthless was important.


Having said that, the rumors about Draya were backed up with police reports. Is it really anyone’s business? NO but  when you decide to appear on a reality show, it’s going to come up. The hope is that Draya has learned from that situation and is a better person having gone through it.


The whole bachelorette party scene was a bit much for me. First of all, I hate male strippers… ICK I’m just not a fan. Second, enough with the “Draya fear” the gift she got Jackie was no more inappropiate than any of the other gifts. And if I’m correct in my thinking, all those gifts require Doug’s participation as well.



I’m not saying the other ladies are intimidated by Draya’s youth but, something is going on. Maybe it’s the only thing they have to play up a storyline…

The West Coast wives scored a 1.3 in the ratings this week. The episode was just ok, maybe I’m just not interested in watching Jackie and Doug plan for and execute wedding number 16. I mean, whatever makes you happy but… yeah

So are Kimsha and Tanya just out??